About Art Foundations At SPU

What is Art Foundations at SPU?

Art Foundations courses provide a shared experience for all art students and provide students with a baseline of skills that will be needed throughout their college career. Our primary goal is to cultivate the ability to analyze the visual elements and principles of art. These courses emphasize visual literacy and creating effective compositions – utilizing form that is appropriate for the content being explored.

Art Foundations provides students with the opportunity to think critically, analyze artworks accurately, and communicate/write professionally. Theoretical ideas are built into each project and students are encouraged to incorporate aesthetic and philosophical ideas into their artistic practice.

Each unit of the class also exposes students to vocational possibilities within the visual arts. This exposure to the potential professional paths available to students is intended to guide the selection of a major and area of emphasis going forward.

The three Foundations courses may be taken in any order but they are intended to be taken over the course of one academic year (ideally, one course in each quarter of the first year at SPU). All three classes are connected and students should be able to build on the skills they are acquiring from one term to the next. Each student will build a portfolio of their work that will be used to apply for admittance to the major and/or specific tracks within the major.