Kiran Mascarenhas


Instructor of Writing
B.A., Mount Carmel College, Bangalore University, India, 2001
B.A., Monclair State University, 2005
M.Phil., City University of New York
Ph.D., City University of New York

Specialties: Composition and Rhetoric, Colonial and Postcolonial Literature, World Literature, Victorian Studies

Office: Marston 223

Kiran Mascarenhas has taught Composition and Rhetoric since 2006, in New York, in the Washington Prison system, and at SPU. Her research interests include Victorian and Postcolonial studies. Her doctoral dissertation, which won the Robert Adams Day prize for best interdisciplinary work (English and History) at the CUNY Graduate Center, is entitled Works in Progress, a title with which she strongly identifies. Kiran has two lovely children and one dog who is, for the most part, also lovely.  See her CV.