Rauer Award and Address

The Rauer Award is named for Ruthanna Rauer, Dr. Moe’s sixth grade teacher.  Every exam Mrs. Rauer gave was an essay exam, and she believed students must write in order to learn, whatever the subject matter.  That same thinking is the foundation of The Writing Program at Seattle Pacific University, and the Rauer Award celebrates the students doing this writing, the teachers teaching them to do it, and the teachers who taught those teachers.

Beginning spring 2016, The Writing Program will give its annual Rauer Writing Award.  There are two Rauer Awards.  The first recognizes the best piece of writing to come out of WRI 1000 or 1100; the second the best piece of writing from a senior.  These awards celebrate writing across campus; there are no genre or disciplinary restrictions.  Awards are selected by a cross-campus faculty committee.  The committee uses the WRI 1000/1100 course outcomes as their guide for both awards on the premise that good writing should exhibit rhetorical knowledge, critical inquiry, process-based writing, and negotiation of disciplinary conventions.

The Rauer Award Ceremony closes with the annual “How I Learned to Write” keynote address.  In the address, a member of the SPU faculty reflects on their life as a writer, the key moments in their education, key figures and teachers along the way, and important lessons learned about writing and about life.

Entries for the Rauer Award are accepted January 1 – April 15 for papers written the previous spring, summer, fall, and winter quarters.  Send your entires to Peter Wayne Moe.