Date Essential Question/Objective Materials
September 28 – October 4 What is important about nurturing a digital identity?  Objective – create nuts & bolts of web presence (access to Commons, URL, basic play). Background readings on digital identity (Wenger), enroll in Commons space, choose URL, begin basic work.
October 5 – 11 What makes digital identity unique from tangible identity? Objective – establish basic organization of site. Reading on instructional design and its application for scholastic websites; build out menu structure for site.
October 12 – 18 How can we use the affordances of the Web to supplement our materials? Objective – develop materials for site, post. Build basic pages for site (examples: CV, syllabi, research mission, bio). Consider what Web can do to better support the vision of the page.
October 19 – 25 What are some ways in which text can work with various media? Objective – establish multimedia on site. Read theory on text/image (John Berger, McLuhan). Add to media library, understand the importance of embedding.
October 26 – November 1 What do I want to say on my site? Objective – consider the power of blogging or producing dynamic content. Engage the blog feature on site. Consider its potential. Post to the site.
November 2 – 8 How do I engage with other experts? Objective – establish connections with others in your field of expertise. Consider the opportunities to use social media as an amplifier of your site. Determine what your ‘dynamic’ site wishes to represent.
November 9 – 15 How do I engage with other communities? Objective – determine manners and methods to work conversation through your site either for teaching, learning, scholarship, faith or otherwise. Understand the opportunities in your web sphere to facilitate conversations or to promote conversations. Engage tools to cull or aggregate feedback from students or others.
November 16 – 22 How do I post from other platforms (Google Calendar, Twitter, etc.)? Objective – understand and utilize Widget capabilities. Based on the needs of the site, work with WordPress’ widget features to support embedding various outside spaces into the site.
November 23 – 29 Who do I turn to when I have a problem and this group is gone? Objective – build a Personal Learning Network to support further experimentation. Seek out, engage and find spaces where there are resources to support and scaffold questions and problems. Resources can be networked information, networked humans, or even more.
November 30 – December 6 What else can I do with WordPress? Objective – explore the possibilities for advanced work on websites. Engage one ‘advanced’ topic as it pertains to your site (customizations, CSS, PHP, etc).