What does stress look like?



A certain level of stress is normal for everyone, especially college students. However, too much for too long may interfere with your academic performance and cause both physical and emotional issues. Here are some signs that your stress level might be crossing into an unhealthy zone:

  • Taking longer to fall asleep or waking up tired
  • Changes in eating patterns
  • Increased frequency of headaches
  • Feeling more short-tempered
  • Recurring colds or minor illnesses
  • Muscles aches or tightness
  • Feeling more disorganized than usual
  • Increased difficulty in task completion
  • A greater sense of persistent time pressure
  • Increased generalized frustration and anger

If any of these signs persist for several weeks, you can try some stress management techniques, or reach out to someone on campus for support. Next week, we’ll bring you information on some easy techniques that will help manage your stress.

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