Pigments through the Ages is one of several exhibits in the WebExhibits online museum. WebExhibits is a public service of the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement IDEA.


II. 4,200 Pigments Lined Up On a Wall In a Japanese Paint Store

III. COLOR LECTURE – Okay, watch this video: An Adventure in Color it should really help you understand additive color mixing, the spectrum, and um, color harmony? Enjoy!

IV. Makoto Fujimura mixes pigments in the tradition of Nihonga painting (Japanese coloring techniques). His application is contemporary and tends toward abstraction. His jewel tones and gold are in most cases actual jewel-like minerals and gold leaf, which lends the pieces a resonancethat is only really visible when viewing the work in person.

V. COLOR MIXING DEMO: This is a very helpful short video from Gamblin oil colors on color mixing in paint. It shows a model of “color space” formed using the concepts we’ve discussed of the three dimensions of color: Hue, Value, and Saturation. video

VI. PIGMENTS & THE FESTIVAL OF COLORS: Film clip from the movie, ‘Outsourced’

VII.  BENJAMIN MOORE PAINT offers a tool to help visualize how colors will look in a room…I thought it might be fun to try it! Here’s the link