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The following is a list of technologies we frequently recommend faculty use in their instruction.  By no means is this list comprehensive.  So please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about how to integrate technology into your teaching and student learning.


blackboard-smallBlackboard is our campus learning management system (LMS).  Faculty may use Blackboard to not only share course materials but also facilitate student learning through the use of discussion boards, journals, blogs, and wikis.  Faculty can also collect assignments, conduct assessments, and manage students grades all within their Blackboard course site. To learn more, visit our Blackboard Help Pages.


turnitin-smallTurnitin is a leading plagiarism detection tool that allows faculty and students to check their work for originality and also gives faculty the ability to digitally grade and provide feedback on student papers.  To learn more, visit our Turnitin Help Pages.


google-drive-smallGoogle Drive is a cloud based technology that allows anyone to easily create, edit, share, and store files.  Faculty can link to Google docs within Blackboard.  To learn more, visit the official Google Drive site.


techsmith-relay-smallTechSmith Relay is a lecture capture / screencasting tool that records both your narration and interaction with content on your computer and publishes it as a streaming video.  Recordings may be posted to your Blackboard course site, SPU iTunes U, and YouTube.  To learn more, visit our TechSmith Relay Help Pages.


adobe-connect-smallAdobe Connect is a tool that allows faculty to host online synchronous (real-time) meetings with up to 100 participants.  Features include audio, video, screen sharing, whiteboard, polling, and chat.  Meetings can also be recorded and shared.  As there are a limited number of licenses for meeting organizers, please contact us to discuss using this tool and having an Adobe Connect account created for you.  You can also learn more by visiting our Adobe Connect help page.


google-hangouts-smallGoogle Hangouts and Hangouts On Air is a great way to hold synchronous (real-time) conversations with small groups of 10-15 people.  Features include audio, video, screen sharing, and chat.  Hangouts On Air can also be recorded and shared.  To learn more, visit the official Google Hangouts site.



YouTube can be used for both finding content and for posting videos faculty or students have created.


itunes-u-smallSPU iTunes U is a great source of free SPU course and campus event recordings.  Take a moment to peruse our collection and consider contributing some of your own materials.  You are also invited to review featured content and follow SPU iTunes U on Twitter.


poll-everywhere-smallPoll Everywhere gives faculty the ability to conduct polls in a variety of learning environments, including conventional, active, and online spaces.  Watch how Business & Economics Professor Geri Mason uses PollEverywhere in her classroom.  To learn more about how to use this tool, visit

celly-smallCelly is a mobile social media tool that allows for communication between students and educators. Students can send or receive messages from educators through their phones or on the web. Groups are separated by “cells” that allow for private or smaller group communication. Educators can also send out polls to their students, which can be public or private. Celly does not disclose private information because others only see a username.  Learn more at:


wordpress-smallWordPress is a blogging tool that can be used to help students reflect on their learning experience and showcase their work.  See how the School of Education is using WordPress as a way for students to create electronic portfolios.


twitter-smallTwitter is a great way to network with colleagues and professionals in your field as well as communicate with students. To learn more about how to use Twitter in education, peruse this great Twitter resource list.


ipad-apple-smalliPads Interested in using an iPad to enhance your teaching and promote student learning? Learn how to get started and connect with other educators.



Here is an additional list of tools.