ETM supports the SPU mission through scaffolding University initiatives as well as spearheading their own.  Click through for more information

ETM offers a host of professional development opportunities, from one-off workshops or conversations to year-long courses.  This year, ETM will continue their successful Online Teaching Working Group series each quarter, focusing the 10-week programs around a topic of digital scholarship interest.  For Fall 2015, the topic is Using the Open Web in Teaching (you will end the class with at least one beautifully built website). (More)

ETM will also partner with Library Technology will offer a year-long professional development course based around active learning strategies as realized through tablet-based computing (the course is full; however, visit their website for course readings, created artifacts, blogs and updates).  

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 4.08.58 PMThe digital should not be considered a requisite or a tool or an appendage of the tangible, but rather an extension or augment or supplement of the tangible.  To that end, providing a space for easily organized and aesthetically pleasing representations of scholarship, teaching and learning is vital to the growth and development not only of academic faculty but to the University community.  Through WordPress and SPU's Academic Commons, faculty have the opportunity to take ownership of their digital identity and utilize it as an integrated domain which can flow with the roles, spaces and ideas they inhabit and explore. (More)
In the spirit of the common good and the public sphere, ETM will host monthly faculty salons, or times where the ETM office is open for any faculty to come in and work on or share their explorations of teaching and learning.  This can be the extension of an Academic Innovation Grant, the testing of a new idea, or the genesis of creative thinking in pedagogy.  The entire ETM staff will be available to listen, support and share feedback.  More importantly, fellow faculty will be available to do the same.  (More)
11074607_10203820007127524_666869494920720132_oCSFD/ETM Book Club is an opportunity for faculty and staff to think about teaching, learning, faith, justice and technology in the same style as a friendly book club, with relaxed conversation built around a sequence of chosen titles. Our conversations will occur across the month, with asynchronous discussion happening on the Open Web, coalescing in a monthly sit-down meeting. (More)

Our Teaching in Higher Education Studio, colloquially known as THE Studio, is a space for faculty to engage creative professionals in the conceptualization, design, implementation and assessment of learning artifacts such as illustrated graphics, audio/visual productions and more.  Our state-of-the-art production studio is designed for high-quality and high-concept projects, delivering instructional material in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.  (More)

Creativity, innovation and inspiration begin with a spark; they take form through hard work and keen scaffolding.  ETM is designed to assist faculty in fanning the spark of inspiration into the flame of a project.  We work with faculty at all stages of the process -- from those who know exactly what they want to accomplish and need help with the development and implementation, to those who don't know what it is they want to see but know where they want to go and want someone to share ideas or potential with. (More)