by Dominic Williamson

The mission of ETM is a mission of empowerment. Both learners and teachers should feel comfortable and confident in their learning environments.  Advances in the study of education, through digital and traditional means, have shown the power of learning when it is scaffolded in an active, collaborative and supportive space.  This happens when we understand teaching as a confluence of subject expertise, pedagogy and technology.  Educational scholar Etienne Wenger notes that learning is a process of transformation and therefore a negotiation of identity; in this regard, the digital space creates a new frontier for identity negotiation, one ETM is dedicated to by scaffolding the novice-expert path for teachers and learners.

Teaching and learning are forms of scholarship, and contemporary/cutting-edge practices are fully grounded in previous history, research and theory.  Pedagogy is not a mixture of art and science but a solution; our goal is to help faculty, departments, schools and organizations further their Eureka! moments through an understanding of evidence-based practices and research. Our work is influenced by research & scholarship, and we model evidence-based practices in all our interactions.

poster1Teaching is the scaffolding of an environment where a novice can move to a space of greater expertise.  There are times where an expert cannot be present in real-time with the student, and this should not mean learning needs to stop.  Providing resources is a key element of the learning experience, resources developed with an understanding of the learning environment and the learners, and exist to frame the materials for the benefit of the learner.  Whether a student enrolled at SPU or a faculty member needing assistance with a pedagogical situation, our resources are designed to meet you where you are and empower you to get where you desire.

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