Supporting Internships Online

Supporting Internships Online


Christina Longcor, a Career Counselor at the Center for Career and Calling and an Instructor in the School of Business, Government and Economics, wanted to make her two Summer 2015 courses more accessible to students whose summers would take them throughout Seattle and beyond.  Being courses designed around internships, Christina redesigned her approach to the courses and held both entirely online, supported by SPU’s use of the Blackboard LMS.

Teaching a course online is not a process of automation; in actuality, instructor presence becomes more important to establish for a group that will not meet in synchronicity.  Christina kept her students focused and made her presence felt through elements such as video feedback for class projects, communicative projects such as a course wiki, and projects that allowed students to interact with one another as well as the community around them.

Looking at teaching these courses online again next summer, Christina plans to further utilize the power of online technologies to augment the internship experience:  recording guest speakers, furthering asynchronous discussions, and building a final project out as a portfolio or multimedia concept rather than a traditional term paper.

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