SPU Wide Tools


TechSmith is a lecture capture and screencasting tool that records both narration and interaction with content on the computer and publishes it as a streaming video. Students can use TechSmith to record demos and upload mobile video to complete assignments, or they can use it for asynchronous collaboration. For example, students on a study abroad trip to Paris recently used TechSmith Fuse, the mobile app, to record pre and post trip language assessments. They provided themselves with tangible evidence of their language growth in just a few weeks. Physics faculty and students annotate over TechSmith video to track the trajectory of falling items. Learn more

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere gives faculty the ability to conduct polls in a variety of learning environments, for example in online classes, face to face meetings, or special guest presentations. Faculty have infused their lectures with more active learning strategies, asking students to collaborate, ask and answer questions or even compete with one another. Learn more


Turnitin is a leading plagiarism detection tool that allows faculty and students to check their work for originality and also gives faculty the ability to digitally grade and provide feedback on papers. While marketed as a plagiarism detection tool, Turnitin is at its best as a facilitator of formative and summative feedback and as an option for guiding students through peer review. Learn how to get started using Turnitin.

Video Conferencing

Many tools offer the ability to video chat with colleagues and students. Skype for Business and Adobe Connect are just a few options that you have for holding virtual office hours, connecting with students during inclement weather or holding online discussion sessions and projects. Learn more about video conferencing tools available at SPU and free on the open web.

SPU Academic Commons (WordPress)

The SPU Academic Commons is an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to engage the tools and pedagogies of digital scholarship in a collaborative and community-supported environment. This is a space to create knowledge, share resources, promote transparency and better understand how our digital identities shape our lives in terms of scholarship, faith and service. Email Rolin Moe to join the Academic Commons and start building your WordPress site today.


Consider transforming some of your long, narrated PowerPoint presentations into podcasts that students can listen to on the go. Creating a podcast is also a good way to disseminate your scholarship and connect with others in your field. Contact THE Studio if you are interested in recording a podcast to enhance your teaching and learning experience.

Wireless Podium—Apple TV or Splashtop

The ability to wirelessly project from your device from anywhere in the classroom, combined with the use of Active Learning Strategies, can make for a powerful and transformation classroom experience. Faculty are invited to wander around the class, sit among the students and journey together on an adventure in collaborative learning. Learn more about the untethered classroom and how to use Airplay with an Apple TV or Splashtop to achieve this.