Sending Email from Blackboard

You may choose to email all students, individual students, groups of students, or the instructor through the course Send Email tool. Please note that the SPU Blackboard system only uses SPU email addresses. If a user has chosen to forward their SPU email to a different email address, any messages sent from Blackboard will automatically forward to that alternate address.

To send an email from Blackboard:

  1. Log into your course site.
  2. In the course menu, click Tools > Send Email.
    Send email
  3. Click on the link for the person(s) you would like to email.
    send email 2
    : If you choose to email Select Users or Groups, you will then be asked to select the names of those persons you want to email. Click the arrow pointing to the right to move users from the Available to Select to the Selected box.
  4. Type a subject and message.
    If you want to include an attachment, click the Attach a file link.
  5. Once you have finished composing your message, click the Submit button. Note: A copy of the email will be sent to your SPU email address.

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