Invent to Learn – 2/18 in the Library Reading Room

Gary Stager, an internationally recognized educator and consultant, has spent twenty-eight years helping teachers on six continents make sense of their roles in the age of personal computing and schools more constructive places for children. He is an expert in at-risk education and school reform. Join Dr. Stager as he challenges the dominant assumptions of teaching and learning in schools today, promoting a student-centered vision of teaching that puts the power of the classroom in the hands of the students. How can the hours in class be the best hours of a student’s day? Find out with Dr. Stager.

Tech & Learning Magazine named Gary Stager as “one of today’s leaders who are changing the landscape of edtech through innovation and leadership.” His most recent book, Invent to Learn, has been heralded by educators and administrators as a game-changing treatise on teaching and learning.

This opportunity to interact with Dr. Stager around his book is one not to be missed!

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