Persepolis and Beyond

Fadwa’s story matters because it is not a well-known story. Being female, it seems that her protest never got the attention it deserved. It is a terrible fact seeing as she was not out to make a political statement, but she set herself ablaze in agony over horrible policies that would not help her in … [Read more…]

Single Stories That Ruin Our Vision.

The importance of Fadwa’s story is not because it was a protest, but because it was a protest that went unnoticed by the mainstream media. Due to gender, to a collective memory that was not deemed as important enough to the West, there is a life that was taken and it went unnoticed. Fadwah Lourai, … [Read more…]

Breaking the Single Story in Persepolis

In the conclusion, Segall goes in-depth on the story of Fadwa Laroui and explains how her act of protest is just as important as other stories told by men. As she experienced injustice when low-income housing was shut down, she decided to set herself on fire, “committing her self-immolation in front of a government building … [Read more…]

Fadwa’s Story and Persepolis

Fadwa’s Story Fadwa’s story matters because of how unnoticed it went and the way in which Bouazizi’s death was more noticed than hers. This shows the effects of societal norms and gender roles in a society. Both Bouazizi and Fadwa’s stories were acts of resistance, a protest for change in an unjust environment. Her story … [Read more…]


Fadwa Laroui’s story matters because her story was ignored, even though it represented an important part of the protests and revolutions that were happening in the Islamic world, particularly in North Africa. Because Fadwa’s story was ignored by the western media, it goes to show that the western media does not fully include the entire story. In Tunisia, … [Read more…]

Telling Stories

Mom always told me, when listening to someone depict a situation where an opinion of the other person involved may be created to always hear the other person’s side. There is no such thing as a single story or experience. So often, we listen to one side and fight against the other without actually hearing … [Read more…]

What Persepolis Means To Me

Fadwa’s story matters for several reasons. Her story illustrates the disparity of rights between men and women as well as in the socioeconomic status of the people. However Fadwa’s story really matters because it shows a woman protesting and going to extreme lengths to be heard and not just with her voice, but with her … [Read more…]

Sacred Subjects and Subjective Importance

Fadwah was a woman on fire (literally), and her form of protest took off as a symbol of national protest, but not in Western Media. Fadwah Laroui was denied housing by the government because she was an unwed mother in a country where “unmarried mothers are condemned as prostitutes” (201). She set herself on fire … [Read more…]

Defying the Single Story

1.Why does Fadwa’s story matter? Fadwa’s story matters because it shows a greater range of people lifting their voices in protest. Fadwa’s story was not as covered as some of her male counterparts, who also took such drastic measures to have their stories and voices heard. This shows how gender and class can play into … [Read more…]