Two Sides to Every Story

The West and Middle East have had ongoing conflict and have misinterpreted each other for a long period of time. The amount of hate that followed 9/11 completely controlled the way the west viewed the Middle East. The U.S. were so hurt that there seemed to be no other way to look at it than … [Read more…]


As a young girl Marjane was deeply religious, she spoke to God often like a close friend.  She believed that she would grow up to be his last prophet and she would be, “justice, love and the wrath of God all in one” (p.9). When she was asked what She wanted to be in school … [Read more…]

Do you recognize me?

War inevitable changes everything, the landscape, the government, the people.  Masuji Ono is one that endured the war and it changed him and his circumstances as well. Before the war Masuji was an intimidating figure.  He was a well known artist and patriot and still hold many of his same loyal beliefs from before the … [Read more…]


A nervous condition is tension between two things.  In Tsitsi Dangarembga’s book Nervous Conditions, there are many points in which the characters go through difficult and controversial situations and are forced to make hard decisions because of they pressure they are put under by two opposing cultures.  In this book Nyasha, the daughter of the missions … [Read more…]


In the Western World when we hear the word witch we generally think of magic and broomsticks. Somewhere between Bewitch and the Wizard of Oz we have become familiar with the term and don’t think much of it when it is used.  To us it is no more than a fun halloween costume, or maybe … [Read more…]


Over the past few months protests against racial discrimination have occurred on college campuses across the United States.  Inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests students of all races have begun to speak out about discrimination between students as well as among teachers.  We all would like to believe that we are beyond racism and … [Read more…]

The Song You Must Learn to Sing

The South African Government has been corrupt for a long time and no one has been left unscathed. The police oppress the people and use violence to keep them in line. Guerrilla soldiers have been imprisoned and tortured for many years in order to put a stop any uprising. Since the police are the law … [Read more…]

The Effect of Western Media

1). Western Media has a powerful influence, even internationally, on how we view the world. It’s main objective is to have a good story. Unfortunately sometimes this means the wrong story is highlighted, giving a negative connotation for an entire group of people. This has happened several times in modern media. The best way to … [Read more…]