Lost Between Worlds

  Fadwa’s story tells us a lot about the distance between our lives and the lives of those we hear about in the news, and how that affects our perceptions. For lack of a better expression, it’s exceedingly true that in our reception and perception of the lives of those living in the Middle East … [Read more…]

The Pains of Responsibility

“Babamukuru was always impressive when he made these speeches of his. He was a rigid, imposing perfectionist, steely enough in character to function in the puritanical way that he expected, or rather insisted, that the rest of the world should function. Luckily, or maybe unluckily for him, throughout his life Babamukuru had found himself–as eldest … [Read more…]

Lyrical Progress

This image is of a line of cars traveling in the direction of the Woodstock music festival in 1969. I’m not going to make the argument that a song, or an artist can “change the world”, because I think social progress is influenced by economics, politics, and a bit of coincidence altogether. However, I think … [Read more…]

A Generation of Change

The article from the New York times I chose was called “The Global Face of Democracy”. It was focused specifically on black youth activism in South Africa, and their mission to remove a statue of Cecil Rhodes from Johannesburg (pictured above). The author of the article points to the activism among South Africa’s college age … [Read more…]

Mission Accomplished?

1. The preface references the forgotten stories of the Kurds in 1993. The Western media was relatively silent on the “young democracy formed within Iraqi Kurdistan”, and it went unrecognized by politicians. This suggests a global forgetfulness or perhaps a willed ignorance of the events in other nations, which either suggests that the reporters and … [Read more…]