Persepolis 2 and Performing Democracy

Persepolis 2: Why does it matter? Persepolis (1 and 2) is definitely a different take on some very important historical moments in Iranian history. I think the biggest reason this story sticks with me is because of the child narrator. To read a story that takes place with a child narrator brings more emotion to … [Read more…]

Persepolis: Innocent Faith

What I wanted to touch on today was how innocent religion is in the beginning of Persepolis. “I was born with religion” is even quoted by Marji in the beginning of the graphic novel. But throughout the the graphic novel, Marji’s innocent religion is shattered by all the violence and the experiences she has growing … [Read more…]

Nervous Condition: English Influence and Guilty by Association

A nervous condition is defined as a tension between two things. These things can vary from church and state, tradition vs modern, gender roles, etc. One nervous condition that I discovered while reading is the nervous condition experience by Tambu regarding her feelings towards Babamukuru and his family going to England. Tambu views Babamukuru in … [Read more…]

The Healing of Songs (Hansen)

I chose this image because the relationship between identity and survival is something that is quite interesting. Surviving such traumatic events can severely alter one’s identity, cause those survivors to question who they are to themselves, who they are to others and who they are to their society. All those who have survived had an … [Read more…]

Blog Entry #1: Question 2 and 7: Jamie Hansen

Question 2: “The journey of a researcher” does not follow a simple path. Select a quote from the preface or introduction, which considers the author’s journey, starting questions, or identification. Explain why the quote is significant. Chosen quote: “Given the closed borders of war, my work has continued in cultural studies, in witnessing forums with refugees, … [Read more…]