Protest, Freedom of Speech, Persepolis

Fadwa’s story matters because in a Western perspective it seems that during the time of the Arab Spring women were not deeply involved protesting. However, women have always been apart of the protest. Numerous Moroccan websites calls Fadwa’s story of her burning herself and the symbol of her fist, rising above the flames as a … [Read more…]

Justice and Faith

Marjane struggles with religious identity throughout the book. “At the age of six I was already sure I was the last prophet (pg. 6).” When she told her teacher she wanted to be a prophet, people thought it was strange. When her parents asked her again what she wanted to be when she grows up, … [Read more…]

Nyasha Identity and Family Tension

A “nervous condition” is when there is a tension between two things. In Tsitsi Dangarembga’s book, Nervous Conditions, her characters all have their own struggle that they face as the book progress on topics about post-colonization and gender roles, education, traditions, modern living, etc. Nyasha suffers lot with her identity throughout the book as she … [Read more…]

Witch=Woman? + Protest in Brazil

The idea of the modern Western witch has stray away from actual witchcraft, Satan, and the supernatural. Today, we think of witches to be old evil women wearing dark clothing and a pointed hat with magical powers and fly a broomstick. The word “witch” has negative implication, mostly towards women, in Western society and also … [Read more…]

Ch. 6 Testimonies-Song

This image basically sums up this chapter. The people in South Africa faced such atrocities during the time of the apartheid. People went missing, people were torture, people were killed, people didn’t know what was happening to their love ones at all, people were ashamed, and people were afraid to speak about their personal memories. It is … [Read more…]

Performing Democracy-Intro

What can you infer about sacred spaces, after reading the introduction? Sacred spaces are formed in communities when people share similar experiences and challenges despite having different religious or ethnic background. We all have multiple identities. I am Asian and American. I am a student and an employee. I am Christian but more specifically Catholic. A sacred … [Read more…]