Breaking the Single Story in Persepolis


  1. In the conclusion, Segall goes in-depth on the story of Fadwa Laroui and explains how her act of protest is just as important as other stories told by men. As she experienced injustice when low-income housing was shut down, she decided to set herself on fire, “committing her self-immolation in front of a government building (200).” Her story matters as it breaks the single story the western view Islam women. If her story is shared, we are able to see that women protest and resist through protest and their stories are just as powerful as protests by men.
  2.   In Performing Democracy in Iraq and South Africa, Dr. Segall expands on the concept of social loss in the chapter dedicated on Persepolis by Setrapi. In the chapter, she explains that Social Loss is shown throughout Persepolis as there is a sense of collective loss among the community that is passed “on through stories between generations (113)” As the community is able to bond through pain and agony together, this only strengthens their values. With social loss being such a dominant “form of public mourning (111)” in Persepolis, Dr Segall also discusses how stories are able to affect future generations with second-generation trauma.
  3. Persepolis is important to me as Satrapi is able to break the single story by showing how complex and intertwined everything is. For instance, the stereotype of Muslim women being oppressed in an Islam country and being saved by a Western country is shown to be much more complicated than that. As Satrapi shows that even when she escapes from a place of war and violence, she still experiences alienation and traumatizing experiences in different ways in Europe. She also is able to show how complex her home country is, as within an oppressive government, many are resisting. One example she shows us is by wearing a jacket that says, “Punk is not Ded” and also showing us how there are many ways a veil can communicate a message.


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