Metaphor of God as Father

Marji views God as a figure of her grandfather that has passed. Numerous times we see God appearing as a male in Persepolis but the metaphor of God as father is very limited. It surely helps us to understand our relationship with God because the idea of a father is caring and protective, but there are drawbacks to this comparison. Many people either do not have a father figure or have been abused by their fathers. When this is the case, the metaphor of God as a father is very negative and can be quite detrimental on their relationship with God. The other limitation is that the Bible has many images of God as both male and female and too often our world portrays him in images as male.  

pregnant naked woman silhouette - illustration

Rejoining Global Aviation Networks

Flights from Iran to the United States were suspended 36 years ago in the wake of the Islamic Revolution. Due to these sanctions, Iran has been left with outdated and unsafe aircraft carriers. Iranian transport minister, Abbas Akhondi is requesting 100 short range fleet and a 400 fleet for international travel. Iran has changed its nuclear program enough that the International Atomic Energy Agency has lifted many of these sanctions and Iran is looking to use this opportunity to re-enter the world of aviation. In order to reach this step, Iran needed to decrease its nuclear program and allow for more transparency. Under the agreement, Iran was required to reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium by about 98 percent, remove two-thirds of its centrifuges and remove the core of its heavy water reactor at Arak. According to the World Bank, the lifting of sanctions will also impact the world oil market and Iran’s trading partners.


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