This is my favorite image from the text because it speaks against so many stereotypes set for muslims, especially muslim women.  Before taking a world religions course, it was my misconception that those who practiced Islam believe that God is distant and unreachable; even uninterested in the lives of people on this earth.  Another misconception that this image speaks against is the lie, that popular media has spread, that Islam is fundamentally against women. This picture shows a girl who cannot be any closer to her God and you can tell by her expression that she is at peace in her location.  This is not a God that she fears. This is not a God who subjects her to harm or oppression. This is a God that she trusts and loves.


The article I found in the New York Times is titled “Open the Files on the Iran Coup”.  It talked about the American and British involvement in the Iranian coup in 1953 over oil.  At this point, both countries are unwilling to admit the part they played in fueling the coup that touched so many Iranian lives.  Reading the article reminded me of the topic that is touched on so often in the book: the nervous condition between the western news and the local perception of the situation. Many times throughout the reading the news would report new information that was contrary to what the characters were experiencing.  This uncertainty only added to the confusion and fear involved in the war the people were living through.  Knowing now that the people reporting the news belonged to the same powers that were creating the stories to report is disheartening and once again adds to the skeptical view of the news.

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