Persepolis: Innocent Faith


What I wanted to touch on today was how innocent religion is in the beginning of Persepolis. “I was born with religion” is even quoted by Marji in the beginning of the graphic novel. But throughout the the graphic novel, Marji’s innocent religion is shattered by all the violence and the experiences she has growing up in and out of her home culture. Marji begins with such a innocent and pure faith and it is so refreshing to read about. And I can’t help but feel sad for her as the story progresses. And what happened to Marji can easily be related to by a large majority of people. And it is also really interesting to see how Marji’s character progresses and changes throughout the course of the story as she does go through all of these life experiences.

A CNN article I found is titled “Americans in Iran prisoner swap arrive in Germany”. Without even reading the article the title itself is very abrupt and automatically has a bunch of ideas seeping into my mind and im sure the minds of others that read it. And some of those thoughts that people are going to be thinking are revolved around stereotypes or wrong assumptions based off of what they think they know. But it is great knowing that some of the prisoners are on their way back to being with their families. And though the article is from CNN, it is still important to know a variety of articles and sources so that we are fully educated and we can’t be blindsided by the single story. One of the more interesting parts of the article was about the fourth prisoner. “The fourth prisoner released in the swap, identified by U.S. officials as Nosratollah Khosravi-Roodsari, decided not to leave Iran, senior White House officials said. “It’s his free determination” whether he wants to stay in Iran, one official said. “We don’t make that judgment.”” And it is aspects of stories like that that will make people jump to conclusions like he must be a part of it or hes going to join the forces that captured him. When in actuality, the guy just likes Iran. Like I said before; even though this article is CNN, it is important to know other stories. And it is also important to keep an open mind.

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