Grandfather of Faith

Marjane Satrapi is a small girl with a big faith. I think that part of why her faith is so big is because she connects and identifies it with something that she’s able to grasp in a very personal way. Marjane identifies her faith and depicts it using a grandfatherly-type figure. Readers can see this identification in the way that the¬†pictures of God are drawn and her relationship to them. THe pictures of God depict him as an older man with some wrinkles and long, flowing hair and a beard. It’s a very gentle kind of picture. In addition to the way God looks, the way that Marjane interacts with him also gives us a sense of the way she perceives him. She is shown being held in his arms and he almost entirely envelopes her. She looks up to him and clearly loves him. He is her friend and companion. All of these aspects combined with the looks of the picture show readers that she views God as a kind of grandfatherly figure. What this says about her faith is that it’s extremely personal. She’s connected it to something that’s familiar and trusted. She has a faith that is very much her own and that leads to some of her conflicts later in the book.


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