As a young girl Marjane was deeply religious, she spoke to God often like a close friend.  She believed that she would grow up to be his last prophet and she would be, “justice, love and the wrath of God all in one” (p.9). When she was asked what She wanted to be in school one day the told everyone she wanted to be a prophet but everyone responded in a negative matter and laughed at her. It was not acceptable to bring up these things in a classroom setting.  The teacher called her disturbed and that was the end of wanting to be a prophet. From then on she said she wanted to be a doctor but really she still believed she was different.  Then when she takes to God that same night she felt guilty about changing her statement and telling people she wanted to be a doctor. She excuses this and tells God that others just can’t know yet but she will be a prophet.  This is the first time she turns from God in order to fit in.

Iranian government has stated that they would like to move to euros instead of being paid in U.S. Dollars for their oil. This is difficult because the global oil market uses U.S. Dollars. They have requested this because Euros are finically and politically better in their eyes. Brown Brothers Harriman shows that this could actually backfire for Iran because of the euros declining value in comparison to the U.S. dollar. Many European companies have made deals with Iran in during trades while the U.S. continue the way they always have making it harder to sell goods in Iran.

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