The Importance of remembering tragedies

When people go though some kind of trauma, they need to be able to cope with it. In Mr. Ono’s case he seems to cope by blocking out certain memories he rather not think about. By doing so, when he tries to think back to recall the past, he ends up only remembering good memories compared to the negative ones. His daughter also used this type of coping meconium. “You must forgive me, father. In my place, Suichi would express things better… We cannot afford many more disappointments such as last years’ (49).”  Ono’s daughter was referring to her brother when he was alive.  Because it was a hard tragedy to face, they try to avoid it as much as possible.

When Ono talks about his art, he only talks about the more so positive aspects. He never talks about when and why he stopped. Which also makes me curious as to why he wouldn’t show his grandson his work, its like he doesn’t want to carry out his legion. It’s sad to me because his grandson has an artistic side and wants to see his grandfather’s work, but Ono would not show him.

“…’Where are Oji’s pictures then?’

‘They’re tidied away for the moment. Now, Ichiro, let’s get back to important things. What will you draw for me? What do you remember from yesterday? What’s the matter, Ichiro? Suddenly so quiet.’

‘I want to see Oji’s pictures’ (32).”



With the SPU shooting because it happened almost two years ago, it is still very fresh in my mind. It was a very disturbing day for us all. For the one-year anniversary, SPU would have a service for it. There also was students gathering in Tiffany Loop, forming a big circle and praying because we did this on the day of the shooting. Despite the tragedy, it was a powerful day, SPU’s community proved to be very strong. I was scared but being in that loop gave me strength. It forced me to remember that whenever something terrible happens, God will never leave my side. He will turn the pain into something beautiful. The power of the SPU community was something beautiful to see! It was a good example for the rest of the world.

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