Western Media & Post 9-11

  1. Preface: What stories had been “largely forgotten” by the western press, in this example? How do the highlights of the western press influence a sense of global memory/forgetting?

It is widely assumed that Western media is reporting on the most important issues that our world is facing. Without a doubt, believing that the media is reporting factually and on everything that is truly going on is easy to believe. Western media does an impressive job of making generalizations, looking over and neglecting certain headliners and manipulating its viewers. Western media has largely “forgotten” stories about Kurdistan and its young democracy . Stories of Fadwa lighting herself on fire in front of the police station “circulated in in popular culture but were not captured by the western press” (xvi). Creative media demonstrated by young democracies are things kept out of western media.

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  1. What are the images after 9-11?

Most images that we remember today and see from time to time are the ones that remind us of the brutality and rawness of the attacks of 9-11. We see the falling man, the dusty lady, the planes making initial impact, the faces of fear of those running through the streets and the american flag flying strong and proud over the rubul. It is the images that are still too difficult to look at and comprehend that were broadcasted on tv and printed in newspapers. They tell the story of one of the darkest days in America’s history. It was crucial to capture such struggle, loss and heartache in order to truly illustrate to the world the acts of extreme violence and loss America was facing. Photography was one of the most powerful and influential ways to showcase these acts of terrorism.

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