Song as the Most Powerful Healer

Music has the power to bring people together in ways unheard of. It is a way for communities to come together to share their stories through song that has no boundaries. Song is something relatable on all levels of humanity and for this reason, it has brought groups of people together from different walks of life to mourn, celebrate, protest and bring happiness. Expressing concerns, opening up and sharing hardships is something very difficult for most but song is an easier approach to doing these things. Song stresses community just as Segall writes, “if you are not sharing my sad as well as my happy days, then I will not be there to share your sad and happy days” (16). When surrounded by those fighting for the same cause, those that share the same taste in music and those that are mourning for the same happening, a new community is created.


The power of music as an incredible form of healing – I’ve seen it firsthand. Two years ago the man I call my very best friend was diagnosed with throat cancer. My father and I spent six long, brutal months at odds ends. We kept silent and our interactions were limited to “I’m going to bed, goodnight” or “mom and I are going to the grocery store”. I blamed myself for what he was going through and he in so much pain didn’t know how to communicate like he used to. A year before the diagnosis, my dad started his new hobby; guitar. Mind he wasn’t the greatest but it filled him with such joy and impacted everyone’s happiness that surrounded by him. Every morning I was woken by him singing the Avett Brothers and him strumming his guitar. After the radiation, he did not want to speak, did not want to sing and most definitely did not want to partake in what used to make him happy. He feared the radiation had ruined his voice & believed that the even thought of opening his mouth to sing would lead him to heart wrenching disappointment. If you asked him during these dreadful months if music would be the thing that got him through, he would laugh. But it was the thing that saved him. Music became something bigger in our household than it ever had. My dad was continuously learning new songs that all of us could join in on. He found his rhythm once again and I truly believe it is what got him through his depression and anger. It is something that helped my dad and I recreate our incredibly strong bond and I am ever grateful.




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