In the Western World when we hear the word witch we generally think of magic and broomsticks. Somewhere between Bewitch and the Wizard of Oz we have become familiar with the term and don’t think much of it when it is used.  To us it is no more than a fun halloween costume, or maybe on occasion a nickname for a easily annoyed neighbor. However in South Africa this is a much more serious term.  It is used when one member of a community decides to look out for oneself instead of being a part of the neighborhood.  It is a cultural norm for neighbors to share and look out for each other, “wealth within communities is supposed to be shared for the survival of all” (176).  This is what helps communities to thrive and survive through all odds.  Instead of having a selfish outlook on life they see the value in helping others and have confidence that when they will need help someone will come to their aid

"BRAVE"   (Pictured) THE WITCH ©2012 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.


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