The Song You Must Learn to Sing

imagesThe South African Government has been corrupt for a long time and no one has been left unscathed. The police oppress the people and use violence to keep them in line. Guerrilla soldiers have been imprisoned and tortured for many years in order to put a stop any uprising. Since the police are the law there is no one the people can go to to get justice. It is like a shadow hanging over them. Recently however, the truth and reconciliation commission has helped to bring things back in order. The damage of the past still lives on in many peoples lives and they find it difficult to get past. Now that they are allowed to tell their story and show what injustices have been done to them the have been able to move on and some have even let go of their anger. One woman retells her horrifying story and states that by, “returning to the horror of the past, she remembered how she found the ‘courage to stay alive’”(125). Their stories have helped to shape the future of their country so that these past injustices may never happen again.

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