The Effect of Western Media

1). Western Media has a powerful influence, even internationally, on how we view the world. It’s main objective is to have a good story. Unfortunately sometimes this means the wrong story is highlighted, giving a negative connotation for an entire group of people. This has happened several times in modern media. The best way to learn about what is really going on in a certain situation is to find stories of individuals to better understand what justice they are seeking together. To do this we must, “look beyond mass media in order to find other archives of knowledge — other records of lived experience and street politics”(xxii). After all a crowd is, “a body of individuals, each with different motives”(xxii). Media tends to forget individuals and instead mixes together an entire groups of diverse people with colorful histories, religion and their diverse way of life. We cannot look into a crowd an assume they are all the same. They may be united by one idea but they all have had different ways of coming to the same conclusion.

7). After 9-11 America was hurt, scared, angry and ready to find justice no matter the cost. This act of terrorism jolted us into action motivating americans to rise up and protect our own. Like a strong-willed young boy who is blinded by hatred we tagged an entire religious group as terrorists. We saw their men and violent and their women as oppressed, and we the country that almost too quickly rose to be powerful pointed our finger and named them as the guilty ones. America was right to want justice but abused the path to it. Images after 9/11 were exceptionally moving because it was a tragedy that effect every american citizen.

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