Methods of Healing


There is a large part of me that feels uncomfortable about the way this political cartoon depicts blanket amnesty. When I first read and heard of the concept  I believed it was the most Biblical course of action to promote. Jesus himself presented to the world blanket amnesty as he said all sins would be forgiven if one chooses him. In a similar way we discussed how as long as perpetrators came forward they would be completely free from their past crimes. This cartoon seems to imply that this idea is ridiculous. I can understand to a certain degree why people would find this outrageous. Actually upon further evaluation of the events displayed to our minds from the reading I am not surprised at all. The victims of the horrible times in South Africa because of apartheid experienced far too much pain. Most human beings would desire immediate compensation and justice for the wrongs committed against them. However blanket amnesty is better because of how it goes against our natural human desire for revenge. Jesus was always encouraging us to turn away from our inclination to sin and that often involved us having to set aside what we would want for what promotes unconditional love. Therefore in order to glorify God I find it best to positively portray the act of blanket amnesty. That is why I present this potentially offensive picture in order to open up a dialogue and find out why people would be against certain ideas.

I choose to focus on the impact of song for the chapter we were assigned this weekend. I found it very compelling to investigate all the avenues of healing that people used to overcome this horrendous period in history. The book did a good job of expressing the value of testimonies and we also discussed this in significant detail in our class. Finding out how reenactments opened up people to deeper sources of healing was perhaps the most uplifting part of the reading. However another method of healing that particularly interested me was the gift of song. The reason why out of all those methods this one left a unique impact on what I gained from the reading was because of the unique aspects music has that the other methods lack. The previous methods can only express exactly how events went. A purely factual account of events is good to give people an accurate depiction of the events that occurred. Music however can grasp certain aspects of emotion that are free of facts. They go beyond just simple facts but still express viable truths. The uncensored emotions of people become fully known. It became much easier for the depth of people’s feelings to be liberated. Without song less tangible aspects of the human experience exist. To truly understand and move on from suffering songs are needed. All in all every method is helpful but songs are extremely creative in the ways they help people heal over all.

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