Ch. 6 Testimonies-Song

This image basically sums up this chapter. The people in South Africa faced such atrocities during the time of the apartheid. People went missing, people were torture, people were killed, people didn’t know what was happening to their love ones at all, people were ashamed, and people were afraid to speak about their personal memories. It is hard to imagine what it is like to live through this time period and being a survivor. Every one carries painful memories and to deal with all this pain alone would be unbearable. But this community comes together to speak about their experiences and their memories sharing similar pains together as they heal their souls. If people don’t speak up how they feel inside then no one will ever know their true thoughts and feelings, and no one can provide any help.

Speaking about your experience however can sometimes be very difficult. These are painful experiences and memories that can’t be express with just sitting down and answering questions. We are lucky to be able to express our through different means of creativity, such as song. People remember songs easily, songs are easy to recite, and songs are associated with certain emotions and memories. “When a storyteller wept at the remembrance of traumatic event, a member of the group would begin a song, and the rest of the group would take up the song, circling around the one who wept and the one who comforted…to join in the singing of songs, was valuing the link between the past, the present, and the strength of communal bonds” (132-133). Music is healing and brings people together. Music reminds us that we aren’t alone.

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