Chapter 6

Lo Shdo


A 24 year old girl was attacked by Egyptian soldiers for protesting. She was dragged by her headscarf and hair into Cabinet headquarters. She was kicked to the ground by the soldiers. Then an officer shocked her with a electrical probe and she was slapped in the face, leaving her with a broken nose and having to wear a sling on her wounded arm. Usually the soldiers would throw stones and use water tanks to spray people while firing gunshots in the air.

Monwa was a survivor who told his protest story in front of the whole group. He fought with the military wing of the African National Congress until he got arrested. Monwa was in six different prisons over the past fifteen years. He wasn’t able to receive any help from any sort of lawyer, and wasn’t able to see any friends or family. He was all alone and was brutally tortured for many years. They would beat and electrocute him everywhere, including his private parts. As Monwa was telling everyone this, his face dropped. You could tell that he was reliving the pain all over again.

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