Blog Entry #1: Question 2 and 7: Jamie Hansen

Evil and Good

Question 2: “The journey of a researcher” does not follow a simple path. Select a quote from the preface or introduction, which considers the author’s journey, starting questions, or identification. Explain why the quote is significant.

Chosen quote: “Given the closed borders of war, my work has continued in cultural studies, in witnessing forums with refugees, in political performances with survivors of torture” (xiv).

I feel that this quote is significant first and foremost because it just grazes the surface of how tragic and crucial the events mentioned are. “The journey of a researcher” isn’t just reading article after article after article or doing interviews here and there. To really be a thorough and truthful researcher, to really get to the bottom of a story or event, you have to walk a very unsteady path; a path that you aren’t sure where it will lead  or if you can even handle it. It takes courage to delve deep into unknown territory. It is a risk. A risk that many are unwilling to take. The quote that I chose is important and significant because it tells the readers that the author, Dr. Segall, put herself in places and in situations many would never even consider doing in order to learn more and to provide the world with the truth that it needs to hear.

Question 7: What are the images after 9-11?

Fear, hatred, violence, and terrorists/terrorism, death and destruction are just a few images after 9-11. There was also a change of imagery towards the Islamic and African world. Some of these images contain those of women, abused by police (xix), sexual violence and torture by female soldiers too hold of the “‘public imagination'” with its “‘pornographic’ power of dominant women and their victims” (xx). The images that came after 9-11 were negative, are still negative. Sadly many people who see someone from the Middle East are automatically, subconsciously or not, categorizing them as a terrorist or someone who associates.supports terrorists. Negative images, and stereotypes, formed about the Islamic and African world and those are images and stereotypes that may never go away.

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