Lo (Laura) Shdo


4) There are women out there who are willing to stand confidently for a new democracy, not caring what will happen to them as long as they had an impact. A woman named Marwa al-Mtowaq wrapped her flag around herself and smiled for the camera, which was put on face-book and went viral. A group of woman from Xhosa, fought as militants and have been brutally attacked as political dissidents voice protests for reparation emanating from townships. The state commission heard their voices and it was televised. It also was staged as a well-known performance for the public. A woman named Fadwa Laroui protested against a state dictatorship and got no response from the government and in result she lighted on fire in front of then police station. She wanted to express her desire for a new nation, which granted justice to the poor.

7) Ever since 9/11 we have had our own views on the Islamic and African world.   Every time we see a Middle Eastern person, we automatically assume they have something to do with the 9/11 tragedies. Therefore we seem to bypass the idea that they could be ordinary people like us and end up pushing aside our feelings for them. We don’t seem to see how they treat their women. The women are being abused by police without being able to tell their story. The Publics imagination views the sexual violence of Female soldiers as “pornographic”, instead of viewing the deaths of female soldiers.   We end up listening to the journalist perspectives of what is happening out there, instead of viewing it ourselves and showing how ignorant we are to the situation.

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