#MCN2013 Presentation – MOOCseum: A Confluence of Theory, Tech & Learning

I will be presenting the MOOCseum learning model at the Museum Computer Network annual conference tomorrow (Saturday) at 9:30am at the Hyatt Regency in Montreal.  This presentation differs substantially from the #OpenEd13 presentation based on the questions raised at OpenEd as well as the discussions raised during the #MCN2013 sessions.  I believe the presentation provides the background for museum professionals to understand the MOOC’s place in history, its potential as a learning model, the obstacles facing the model, and how museums can utilize the MOOC movement in their own work.

Slides below.  I might record audio from this session and post it up here as this will be my first MOOC  presentation at a conference not specializing in EdTech.

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#ALN13 Presentation – MOOC Cartography

I am presenting my MOOC literature review at Sloan’s International Conference on Online Learning tomorrow (Wednesday, November 20) at 12:45pm.  The lit review is part of my dissertation on the evolution and impact of MOOCs, not only educationally but politically and culturally.

I will post my slides before the presentation, but as this presentation is mostly borne of my dissertation proposal, I will share the Prezi I shared with my research committee.  This was in July, so there are some aspects that have evolved, but while citations might be more recent on some aspects the sentiment remains the same.

I look forward to seeing you there!


#OpenEd13 – Proto-MOOCseum

Below is a brief synopsis of the potential singular, augmented and supplemental learning endeavors within a MOOCseum

Week 2 – The Pomp of Pop

Gallery – The Weisman Museum’s Wayne Thiebaud – Works on Paper continues its exhibition at the Weisman Museum.  This exhibition focuses specifically on Thiebaud’s pencil work.  Docents will be happy to discuss your interactions in the MOOCseum and compare to the museum’s published text on Thiebaud’s role in the transformation of art in the 20th Century, or any other aspect of Wayne Thiebaud in the worlds of art, culture, or otherwise.  Hours are 10am to 5pm Tuesday-Sunday.

Presentation – Art Historian David O’Hannon will be speaking at Pepperdine University’s West Los Angeles campus on Wednesday at 7pm.  The talk is entitled “The Reproduction – How Pop Art Forayed Mixed Media in 20th Century Art.”  Talk will be streamed live on site, and O’Hannon will answer Q&A from the audience and the MOOC audience.

TextsWhen Pop Turned the World Upside-Down – a narrative literature review of the artists and inspirations in the Pop Art movement, and the results of the phenomenon.

Wayne Thiebaud is Not a Pop Artist – A look at Wayne Thiebaud’s career through an evolving lens and not via the traditional Pop Art narrative.

Delicious:  The Art & Life of Wayne Thiebaud – Biographic look at Thiebaud’s life, career, inspirations and musings.

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