I enjoy spending time helping my community. I take pride in participating in volunteering events. In the past, I have helped create safe sex kits at the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force, spoke at local middle schools about how to dress for interviews, tutored kids in science on weekends, and gardening at a rehabilitation facility for women and their children.

Child Life Volunteer at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh (December 20Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh13 – May 2015):

I worked on inpatient floors regularly to hospitalized children regularly to help them cope with being in a hospital environment. I created arts and crafts for children to work through their fear of being in a hospital environment. I also worked special events for the patients and volunteered at patient brunches, patient proms, and other special events for the patients.



Volunteer at Planned Parenthood in Pittsburgh (May 2014 – May 2015):
I helped canvas for Planned Parenthood, which means that I go door-to-door handing out information on Planned Parenthood. I also participated in the phone bank, which means that I call previous members to get donations for Planned Parenthood.