Clinical & Research Experience

Clinical Intern at Child Treatment Center (January 2014 – December 2014):
This research project studied the outpatient rehabilitation of juvenile sexual offenders. My responsibilities included building up rapport with clients. I administered intake and discharge assessments (i.e., talk with clients and families about their family dynamic, mental health history, court history, behaviors, etc.). I wrote case conceptualizations about the patients and presented them to a team of clinicians.

Intern at Coolmine Therapeutic Community (June 2014 – August 2014):

This community used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and holistic therapeutic techniques to rehabilitate drug and alcohol addicts. My responsibilities included conducting assessments with patients from psychiatric wards, prison, and within the community (i.e., talk to patients about their mental health history, abuse history, family history, etc.). I also discussed treatment goals for the patient with the other key-workers and observed group therapy at the therapeutic community.

Research Intern at Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic (December 2012 – December 2013):
This research studied the effect of viral exposure on the severity of psychotic and schizophrenic symptoms. My responsibilities included observing assessments with patients that were located within the psychiatric hospital and interacting with patients with a wide range of mental disorders. I also calculated the assessments and input the assessments.